Friday, 2 June 2017

Financial Literacy

Dear Adam and Mat i will like to say a big  thank you for teaching room 7 and I how to save money and spent money. I would also like to say i really learned well at Financial  Literacy.
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Today room 7 and 8 went to tack and we learned how to draw arts and we did carving and painting. What i learnt at tack today was always carefuller when you do your perfect line and to always take your time while your drawing your art. I also enjoyed doing art today and I also like how we have to paint our arts it was really fun and amazing doing art at Tamaki college tack today.

here is some of the arts that we did today.
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Monday, 8 May 2017

Netball fitnes

Today this morning room 7 students went out to the courts to play P.E and for P.E we played netball.What we were doing was warming up.

 After warming up we went on to play netball. When we did netball and after that we were talking about the netball rules. When we finished talking about the netball rules we had to be in groups of two and we started to play. When we finished playing netball we had to go back to class and do some works about what we learned for netball.

What i learnt from netball is that you have to be three feet away from the person who has the ball, don't smack the ball of the person, no contact and lots of other stuff.
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Monday, 1 May 2017

My wonderful Holiday

During my holiday on Sunday the 22nd of April my family and I went to Maria' birthday party. When we got there we gave Maria a birthday present and also money. There was also a lot my family members there and my uncle was the one who was doing the prayer.

After that we sang the birthday song and the people who were there was my family and the people from next door neighbour. When we finished singing the birthday song, what we did was eating foods and giving the next two neighbour food and thanking them for coming to Maria's birthday.

Later on, me and all of the kids from Maria's birthday were going to play Easter hunt around the field and the most Easter hunter was my cousin Stefanie she found four or five Easter eggs and when she found the Easter eggs she gave out some of them to the people who din't had an Easter egg.

When we finished my Auntie gave us food to take home and we also thank them for everything she did for us and the foods. I enjoy baying in Maria's birthday and the Easter eggs.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Grace Joel Performance

Today room 7 student and other classes when to perform a Coulter dance to the people that come's to glenbrae school and make breakfast for the kids.

When we got there and the first thing we did was going into one line out side and walking quietly inside to the Grace Joel  to perform our dances.  The first group to go and show there dance was the haka group and what i saw on there performance was a lot of confident and some people were a little shy.

After that there was other groups performing and they were good. On my group was second to last and what we did was the Samoan sasa and i was a little shy but after we finished we went quietly and set down and the last thing of all that one of the girls stood up and thank them all for watching our dances and for everything..

This is a photo of the sasa group...

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Glenbrae Kids.

Today room 7 went to the glenbrae kids to sing a song to them which was call Toro Mai. After we sang the song we had to partner up with the little kids and what we did was doing what they want to do and we also want we want to do. What i did with my partner, Kenesi  was playing in the park, reading books, kicks and the best thing that Kenesi really liked the most was playing kicks. I really enjoy working and playing with Kenesi and also working with the glenbrae kids.

Here is a photo of me and Kenesi Walking...